Cookies Digital is the first Google ADS Advertiser in Egypt In Vas industry

Summertime has been great for us at Cookies!

We are proud to announce that, accordingly with @Empello, we have been the largest advertiser in Egypt by volume on Google Display Ads in the VAS industry for the months of July and August!

We are also leaders for super clean traffic! In fact Empello has not found a single instance of non-compliance since June 1st.

And it’s not all!

The common thinking is that Google Ads does not work commercially in markets with low end-user prices compared to the cost of clicks…We are thrilled to say that we disproved this with our incredible numbers!

About Cookies Factory

Cookies Factory is a digital entertainment company focused on mobile monetization and digital advertising. The Company works with mobile aggregators, carriers and content providers over different regions in the world (Europe, MENA, South Africa) providing high quality subscribers for mobile entertainment services. Cookies Digital is the Media Agency of the Group, that manages all digital marketing campaigns combining talent and technology: thanks to its own network of traffic sources and a dedicated team for direct media buying on premium channels, the unit helps its Partners to achieve maximum performance across mobile platforms.

The Company has been certified as Google Partner in 2018.

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